The My Trees Trust

& supporting partners

Rift Valley Corporation
the zambezi society

Founding Partners

The Trust is registered in Zimbabwe and the board of directors includes representatives from The Zambezi Elephant Fund and Rift Valley Corporation.

The Zambezi Elephant Fund (ZEF) has been promoting the conservation and sustainable management of the Zambezi Basin for the benefit of both its wildlife and people since 2015.

Rift Valley is one of Zimbabwe’s largest agricultural companies, bringing finance, technical expertise and other essential inputs to the development of agriculture in Zimbabwe.

The Trust is also supported by the Sustainable Afforestation Association (SAA) – this association was put together by the tobacco industry in an effort to provide sustainable sources of fuel for tobacco curing and to restore and protect vulnerable natural habitat.

New Relationships

Over the last year, the trust has gained recognition on the international stage, and attracted funding and accolades from the following organisations:

Coldplay have announced My Trees as their conservation partner and their support will enable us to scale up efforts to protect threatened parts of the Zambezi Biosphere Reserve.

My Trees has been named as one of the AFR100 top tree planting porjects in Africa. TerraFund and WRI are partnering with us to plant 100,000 trees in the 2022 season.

Uplink is a World Economic Forum initiative and My Trees has been selected as one of the 12 winners of the Carbon Market Challenge for our work on clean cooking and reducing firewood consumption.

One Tree Planted is a global tree planting initiative and they have selected My Trees as a partner in Zimbabwe, aiming to plant 80,000 trees in 2022 season.

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