“We just have to plant trees…

the right trees in the right places.”

This was the simple premise of the first, modest steps that the My Trees Trust set out to achieve in the face of a catastrophic loss of natural woodland in Zimbabwe. Every year, up to 250,000 hectares of trees are lost and our natural woodland continues to diminish.

After several months of living amongst impacted rural communities, before even planting a single tree, the team realized how much these woodlands were missed by those that remember them. Both old and young were keen to work with us to find a solution.

Since 2019, My Trees has grown to become the largest community-based indigenous tree planting initiative in Southern Africa, driven by a shared goal to save vulnerable habitats and restore what has been lost.

We have planted over 500,000 indigenous trees whilst also securing 120,000 hectares of wilderness under long-term leases to protect vulnerable habitat and restore once iconic wildlife populations.

My Trees aims to plant and protect indigenous forests across the country. Our interventions combine to create a holistic approach that is focused on working with rural communities. Our work includes indigenous tree planting, conservation, reducing human wildlife conflict , promoting climate-smart agricultural practices, delivering environmental education, and providing fuel-efficient stoves.